Stockholm International School, Sis

Shien Zutshi

MYP English Teacher

Shien Zutshi has been working at SIS since August 2016. As a recent addition to the school and the Middle Years Programme, she brings with her primary and secondary school experience from the Canadian and British education system. She co-founded an online video learning site for Swedish language learners and helped run the French International Film Festival in Stockholm. She enjoys looking for further ways to integrate inclusive multicultural and foreign language education.

Shien has extensive international experience as she has lived, worked and studied in various parts of Canada, namely Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa as well as Paris, France; London, England; and Stockholm. She completed her Master’s degree in Foreign Language Education; B.Ed, and B.A in French, Political Science and Women’s Studies. She also has additional qualifications in Special Education, Guidance and Computers and Technology.
She enjoys research about multiculturalism, gender issues as well as media studies. Incorporating cinematic, literary or historic context to different subjects is vital to the scholastic education of her students.

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