Elisabeth Hallan

Elisabeth started working at SIS in January 2017. Her passion in life is travelling and exploring new cultures. She has spent five years abroad, both travelling the world and living in Australia and England. She now feels like she has “closed the circle” by joining our international community at SIS.
Elisabeth has a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Karolinska Institutet, followed by a Master’s degree of Science in Nursing (MSN) from Uppsala Universitet. The District Nurse Master’s Degree is a specialisation in Child Health Care/Paediatric Health Care, School Health Medicine as well as Public Health, and Geriatrics.
As a nurse, she has been working within different areas such as in the Emergency Room, BVC (Paediatric Health Care Centre), Primary Care (GP Clinics) and in Geriatric Care. Together all these areas have given her an extensive experience within the nursing profession.
When not at SIS, Elisabeth spends her spare time with her family of two daughters and husband or enjoying a nice dinner with friends and family. Travelling and outdoor activities are also among her favourite things to do.

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