Rachel Matchett

Communications Officer & Events Coordinator

Rachel has been with SIS since 2012, working in various roles: Reception, Head of Admissions and now Communications and Event Coordination. She is responsible for ensuring that parents receive the information they need from the school as well as increasing the visibility of SIS in the international school global market. She also organizes numerous events throughout the school year for parents, staff and other stakeholders. Don’t miss the Nobel Evening in December; it’s her crowning achievement!

Originally from Virginia, USA, Rachel attended the Governor’s School for the Arts for Theatre and then went on to her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Women’s Studies from James Madison University. She spent a few years working in Public Relations and Marketing and then left the US for Japan in 2004. During her four years in Japan, she worked at an international pre-school with the 4-5 year-old class. She also worked as an ’emergency teacher’, going to troubled schools to help build and repair relationships between staff and parents.

In 2008, Rachel moved to Sweden and has adopted it as her new ‘forever home’.

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