Stockholm International School, Sis

Pawel Lubasinski

Annexe Reception, Substitute Coordinator

Pawel has been with SIS since 2006, working in various roles: caretaker, Director’s PA, receptionist and other administrative positions. In this current role (administrative facilitator) Pawel is responsible for various key administrative tasks:  substitute coordination, safety, work environment, mobile devices, facility logistics, Nordic Network conference, maintaining annexe building, PSAT/SAT supervisor and annexe secretary. Pawel is also serving as the CIS Team Secretary on various accreditation visits. He has been appointed as the facility relocation project manager for the new campus in Solna.

Originally from Poland, Pawel graduated with MSc from the Maritime University, Faculty of Navigation. After travelling around the world and gaining his international mind set, Pawel settled down in Sweden and now together with his lovely wife is raising his four sons.


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