Stockholm International School, Sis

Maud Anzén

MYP/DP French Teacher
My name is Maud Flotard Anzén and I was born in France, where I lived for 25 years. In France, I studied Geography, accountancy and Tourism industry. I speak French, English, Swedish and some Spanish.
I eventually moved to Sweden with my Swedish husband, with whom I have a daughter.
Before I became a teacher I worked in the tourism industry. I lived in Geneva for two years and in Bruxelles for four years. I studied and got my teacher degree at Stockholm University (French and English) and at Bruxelles university (ULB).
I worked as a French teacher in a Swedish school (Mörby Gymnasium) before I started to teach French at SIS in 2012.
My hobbies are reading books, cooking, hiking, cross-country skiing and being in nature.

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