Ina Staff Pic 2016

Ina Karkani

Preschool teacher

I am a teacher and active scholar from Germany where I completed my Bachelor Degree in English and French at Heidelberg and Stuttgart University. After receiving my teacher qualification, I went on to receive my first Masters Degree in English Literature and Culture from Aristotle University, Greece, and my second Masters Degree in Cinema Studies from Stockholm University, Sweden. I am also a PhD candidate in Cinema Studies with a concentration in the Pedagogical Practices of Film in Schools.

During my studies, I combined teaching with traveling and volunteering. This has given me the wonderful opportunity to teach all levels of English from Early Years up to DP worldwide in different cultural settings such as Germany, USA, France, India, Sweden and, most recently, Tanzania. I have worked both as a subject teacher in MYP and DP, however, most of my teaching I have spent as a classroom teacher in Primary School.


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