Åsa Hellström

MYP Vice Principal

Åsa has been working at SIS since 2004 as a teacher for Physical and Health Education and Subject leader. Since January 2016 she has held the position of MYP Vice Principal.

Åsa has a University Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology and worked as Biomedical Laboratory Scientist for the Medical Dept. of Research, Swedish Work Environment Authority, Solna, at Department of Andrology, Sophiahemmet, Stockholm, at Laboratory for Clinical Chemistry, St Göran’s hospital and in research projects in cooperation with Karolinska institute, before she started her studies at The Swedish University College of Physical Education and Sports, GIH, Stockholm, from where she has a Bachelor of Education in Physical Education Teaching.

She continued her teaching studies in Chemistry and Biology at The Swedish University of Educational Teaching, Stockholm. Her interest in working environments and work physiology led her to continue her studies in this area and also resulted in a position as Head Manager, Educator and Coordinator in an occupational health services company.

Åsa has her school leadership certification from Linné University, National Agency of Education (Skolverket). She has taught all grade levels from year one up to year 12 in the Swedish national curriculum and in the IBO program. Åsa has for many years been involved in teaching, curriculum planning and examinations at the University of Physical Education and Sports, GIH, Stockholm. Her interest in health and fitness has followed her through all years as an educator, innovator and instructor both national and international.

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