Stockholm International School has approximately 670 students representing over 60 nationalities. Supported by an experienced and qualified faculty from over 20 different counties, the study programs – the International Primary School Curriculum (IPC), and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years and Diploma Programmes – allow the school to cater to students’ needs regardless of previous educational experience. Upon application, we use the following age guidelines to assist us in our placement of students into the appropriate grade levels: (See Table)

Placement Guide for Academic Year 2018-2019

Student Age Date of Birth SIS Grade UK Curriculum UK Key Stage
3 August 2015 Pre-School Nursery
4 August 2014 Pre-Kindergarten Reception 1
5 August 2013 Kindergarten Year 1 1
6 August 2012 Grade 1 Year 2 1
7 August 2011 Grade 2 Year 3 2
8 August 2010 Grade 3 Year 4 2
9 August 2009 Grade 4 Year 5 2
10 August 2008 Grade 5 Year 6 2
11 August 2007 Grade 6 Year 7 3
12 August 2006 Grade 7 Year 8 3
13 August 2005 Grade 8 Year 9 3
14 August 2004 Grade 9 Year 10 4
15 August 2003 Grade 10 Year 11 4
16 August 2002 Grade 11 Year 12
17 August 2001 Grade 12 Year 13

Applicants with Special Needs

Parents/guardians of any applicant having a mild special need (either physical or academic) must submit complete reports from his/her teacher and therapist. Stockholm International School is not equipped to accommodate students with severe academic or physical handicaps. In the case where a special need has not previously been identified, Stockholm International School reserves the right to review the situation in order to assess the appropriateness of the student’s presence at SIS based on our capacity to address his/her needs.

Specific Entrance requirements into the IB Diploma Programme

Students should have an adequate level of English to be able to access the curriculum. The Diploma Programme is an academic programme requiring proficiency in the English Language as all instruction and course work are undertaken in English. Students entering the Diploma Programme should have passing grades at Grade 1 level or equivalent. Students already attending SIS should have a satisfactory pass in the MYP5. To successfully transfer into Grade 11 or 12, students must discuss their choice of subjects and have them approved by the IB Coordinator and/or Secondary School Principal. SIS will advise regarding subject choices and provide some careers counseling upon request. Parents are asked to sign a student subject selection form. SIS will perform an English and math test in order to support student subject choices. Students wanting to transfer into the final year of the IB Diploma programme will be assessed on an individual basis. There are some issues to be resolved before accepting students, i.e. Subject choices, Internal assessment, CAS, Extended Essay, coursework covered.

SIS offer the following subjects in the IB Diploma programme:

  • Group 1: Swedish Literature HL/SL, English Literature HL/SL, English Language and Literature HL/SL, Self-Taught Language SL
  • Group 2: English B HL/SL, French B HL/SL, Swedish B HL/SL, Spanish B HL/SL, French Ab Initio SL, Spanish Ab Initio SL
  • Group 3: History HL/SL, Economics HL/SL
  • Group 4: Biology HL/SL, Physics HL/SL
  • Group 5: Mathematics HL/SL, Mathematical Studies SL
  • Group 6: Chemistry HL/SL, Art & Design HL/SL, Geography HL/SL

Subjects offered and subject choices can change. HL is Higher Level and SL is Standard Level.
To learn more about the International Baccalaureate Program, please visit the IBO Website.